Rivendell Radio Automation

With Rivendell, you always get the complete software package. Every Rivendell workstation comes with the complete Rivendell software package pre-installed. You never have to purchase expensive add-on software to interface with your traffic or music scheduling software, for voice tracking, for exporting "Now & Next" data, not even for Pod-Casting. Every function is available on every Rivendell workstation in your system.

  • RDAirPlay – Intuitive on-air playback interface with extensive support for live assist environments, with multiple SoundPanel button arrays.
  • RDLibrary – Library content management with easy audio import, export and CD ripping.
  • RDCatch – Automatic content acquisition and distribution application optimized for simultaneous recordings, downloads and uploads of multiple long-form audio programs.
  • RDLogManager – Log template creation, traffic and music log merging and reporting tool.
  • RDLogEdit – Complete program log editing and voice tracking tool.
  • RDCastManager – Tool for managing Podcast RSS feeds.
  • RDLogin – Multi-user login utility.
  • RDAdmin – Fully graphical system configuration and management.

Feature Highlights:

  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Powerful - True 64 bit processing
  • Automatic Program Acquisition by Web,FTP or Satellite
  • Automatic Podcast Generation
  • Exports Now & Next PAD Data to stream encoders and RDS
  • Interfaces directly with your traffic and music scheduling software
  • Immune to PC Viruses
  • Time scaling of playback without pitch change
  • Seamless Integration with Axia and dozens of 3rd party switchers and routers
  • Top Quality, Non-Proprietary Hardware
  • AudioScience Audio Adapters
  • Developed by a World Wide Team of Broadcast Software Engineers
  • Top Level Support available 24/7


Workstation with the Complete Rivendell Software Package and AudioScience Audio Adapter with Two Outputs or Multi-Channel Axia Livewire AoIP Driver. Includes One Year of Rivendell Technical Support Service.

From $4,995

Other audio adapters and breakout boxes available at additional cost. A complete system will often require file servers, a network switch, GPIO hardware and audio switchers. Let us configure a system that will meet your needs. Contact us for a quote on a customized solution.